HIV & AIDS (english)

David Mullens: 082-5611-030
HIV & AIDS (AIDS Consultant)

“In 1984, I was hospitalised for a bout of bronchitis. During my recuperation, I had a full physical check-up; and, after extensive testing, to my horror, I was found to be HIV positive. I was told that my life expectancy was approximately ten years.

“Twelve years into my battle with the disease, my health was declining; and, primarily due to stress, the disease started to become unmanageable. On one of my many visits to the hospital due to pneumonia having set in, I was introduced to a doctor performing HIV clinical tests who prescribed AZT, 3TC and a placebo that dramatically changed my downward CD4 count (measurement of the immune system, which should be between 600 - 1,200). The trial lasted for two years; and, in the last six months, the placebo was replaced with the genuine drug.

“At the end of the trial, because the antiretroviral drugs were deemed to be very toxic, and I was not on any medical aid scheme that would pay for these expensive medications. Unfortunately, again due to stress, the virus gained the upper hand, and my status changed from HIV to AIDS. My CD4 count spiraled to below 10 and my viral load was capped at 750,000,000. I was told that I had full-blown AIDS and had only 6 months to live! I doggedly remained determined to overcome my adversities even though I suffered through ailments such as Candida, Diarrhea, fungus in the toenails, Lesions occurring on the feet and ankles (Kaposi Sakoma), Shingles, PC Pneumonia and dramatic weight loss.

“It was around this time, in 1997, that I was introduced to Cellfood. All medical drugs prescribed to me had been stopped. I started taking 20 drops of Cellfood a day, which I increased to between 70 and 100 drops to see if the Cellfood would assist my body in halting the HIV in my body. I was immediately aware that when I started taking Cellfood that I had more energy than before, and also had enough resistance to fight off colds and flu. I no longer experienced any bad doses of flu, which many others in this high-risk group would experience. I also did not have flu injections either.

“Cellfood gave me a new meaning to my life. By taking this valuable product and learning from it’s many uses both internally and externally, words cannot describe how precious this product is in my life. However, in saying that, by taking this product, one must listen to what one’s body is telling one.

“In 2001, I unfortunately neglected my health and my CD4 count spiraled down again. After a second bout of pneumonia in a space of three weeks, my AIDS physician strongly urged him to reconsider the use of antiretroviral treatment. Determined, not to give up on life, I agreed to do so. At the same time, I consulted my personal physician, Dr Priscilla Rowan, who insisted that I take Cellfood again, as well as intravenous hydrogen peroxide, oxygen treatments, and other nutrients. My recovery somewhat baffled my AIDS physician.

“Now, in 2002, I make sure I take Cellfood daily, between 40 to 100 drops, depending on my state of well-being. Cellfood has given me above all else a very clear mind. My focus and ability to concentrate for longer periods can now be achieved. The effects and results I am receiving from the intake of this product are hard to explain. In a nutshell - I am living!

“I have also become an active sports enthusiast, and have regained my weight. My CD4 count is approximately 230 with my viral load below the accepted standard.

“I have left my profession as a Logistics Specialist and am now a full-time HIV/AIDS consultant. In this way, I can play an important role in assisting others by educating them and making them aware of HIV/AIDS. I have learnt a tremendous amount of new factors that makes this disease manageable: Being exposed to different media intelligence indicates that the infected person can prolong their lives indefinitely by changing one’s lifestyle, eating correctly, exercising, using the correct vitamins, supplements and immune boosters.

A very important aspect is also to have goals, achievable goals! The HIV infected person must set goals and continue to move them to sustain an interest in life.

The HIV infected person must be able to act freely. The stigmas and discrimination must be removed if the sufferer is to survive.

Above all else, the HIV sufferer must take personal responsibility for his/her life.
“As an HIV/AIDS consultant, I talk to Company employees about my experiences of living positively to enlighten them that the disease should not be feared and the stigma must be removed from South African society.

David Mullens lives in Roodepoort, Gauteng, and has become a cycling enthusiast. He began spinning classes at his local gym in January 2002. He received the ‘green light’ from Dr Pricilla Rowan to ride in the 2002 94.7 Cycle Challenge, and his weekly training regimen included spinning classes and cycling twice weekly. Oxygen For Life sponsored David, and World Masters and South African record holder, Grenville Scullard, cycled along-side David for the duration of the 94.7 Cycle Challeng to show his support for David’s courageous efforts. David finished the race in 5 hours 22 minutes.

In 1996, after having been HIV positive for 12 years, David developed full-blown AIDS, and was given 6 months to live; and now in 2003, seven years later, David is working every day as an HIV/AIDS consultant and motivational speaker; and is training to improve on his time in the 2003 94.7 Cycle Challenge.


Sister Michèl Maree-Ginsberg is a registered nursing sister, who has had
extensive experience as the nursing sister in a large private school, and
in her own private practice.

“A high-ranking government personality became a patient of mine. His AIDS status was advanced when I was called to visit him - he was already in a coma. His physician expected him to die within days. I immediately gave him some Cellfood directly under the tongue. I visited him twice daily and continued to give him Cellfood. Within 48 hours of starting Cellfood he had improved, and was no longer comatose. Within a week he was well enough to fly home to his family. He chose to discontinue taking Cellfood and died peacefully in the presence of his family. It goes without saying that these results would be far more lasting if given in early HIV stages, and not when ‘full-blown’ AIDS is rampant.”


Cellfood - Liquid for Life
Cellfood merupakan suplemen yang menghasilkan nascent oksigen, hidrogen & mineral untuk meningkatkan energi, daya tahan dan kesehatan alami tubuh.

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Jelly Gamat - Regenerasi Sel
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